Guarantee & Warranty Policy

Coast & Country can guarantee that the workmanship and quality of our handmade products (i.e upholstery, timber, and metalwork) are kept to a very high standard, and no product is sent to a purchaser without a thorough quality check.

All our custom-made products are made from natural materials and/or are handmade, which may result in a variation of the colour, texture, and composition from product to product. Variations of this kind are characteristics of a product of this sort and do not constitute a defect or damage.

Coast & Country Interiors makes all efforts to accurately display the attributes of our products. Please note there may be variations in colours of the fabrics or finishes on our website, dependant on the calibration and settings of one’s individual desktop screens and the light in which the relevant product was photographed.

The warranties listed below depends on the nature of the product and will only be applicable based on the conditions stipulated below.

1. If there are any craftmanship or framework defects or shortcomings in any products delivered, this shall be notified to Coast & Country in writing within 6 months after the delivery date of the products to the purchaser. Coast & Country shall not be liable for any defects or shortcomings of any products whatsoever if the purchaser fails to give notice in writing after the expiry of the specified period. The warranty does not extend to the fabric or leather used to upholster the product as this is subject to wear and tear associated with use.

1.1. A claim from the purchaser shall include a description of the defect and be accompanied by the relevant invoice number and photos indicating the defect/s. Please submit your claim via e-mail to for our team to assess.

1.2. Upon receiving a claim which is seen to be an error on the part of the supplier (i.e. Coast & Country), we will either (i) Collect the product and remedy the defect at no cost to the purchaser or (ii) Collect and replace the defective product.

1.3. Coast & Country is only liable for defects which appear under the proper use of the products. Upon receiving a claim which is seen to be an error on the part of the purchaser (i.e. the client), Coast & Country’s liability will not cover these defects. A scenario can be caused by (i) materials provided by the purchaser, (ii) faulty maintenance, (iii) incorrect use or negligence of the product, (iv) alterations or repair done by the purchaser or (v) normal wear and tear of the products.

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